Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Don't forget that if work comes home that has a less than stellar grade, it can be redone for 1/2 credit for each corrected answer. Kids can get it done and then pop it into the basket for re-dos on the counter and I'll regrade it. :) 
We do also have a No Name basket. Sadly, we are seeing a lot of papers with no name on them. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Matter Song Presentation

Our first oral presentation will be on the Matter Song next Tuesday, Sept. 6 :) Students may present with a partner (if they want) and use props if they choose. I know oral presentations can be scary, but I promise we move into them slowly and I allow the kids to become comfortable.

The Matter Song
(to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell")

There's matter over here
There's matter over there
Liquid, solid or a gas,
There's matter everywhere.

A solid keeps its shape
It doesn't separate
What you see is what you get
A solid keeps its shape.

Gas is in the air
You can't see it but its there
It flows and blows right through your nose
And fits in anywhere.

When you melt a solid down
A liquid can be found
It's wet and moves wherever there's room
And spills and splashes, too.

Spelling Words Lesson 3 Week of 8/29-9/2

More Words with Long A

  1. fable
  2. rain
  3. danger
  4. sail
  5. afraid
  6. table
  7. aid
  8. train
  9. eight
  10. wait
  11. able
  12. aim
  13. weigh
  14. they
  15. paint
  16. paper

Attendance Award!

YAY US!!!  We received the attendance award for K-3 last week!   Way to go friends!

Weekly Update for Aug. 29- Sept. 2

Wow. This week includes September... how did that happen?  The weeks are just zipping past already.

Another great week ahead for our class. Last week we wrapped up topic 1 in math and this week we are moving on to topic 2 which begins with addition properties.

I'm super excited to share that Jessica Fedak will be our Room Mom this year!  Please help me to welcome her by telling her thanks when you see her! :)

This week is a pretty quiet one. No major events on the school calendar, but don't forget that next weekend is Labor Day weekend and there is no school on Monday the 5th.

Wed. Aug. 31- PTA Memberships due!

Friday, Sept. 2- Class T-shirt orders are due!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We just got word that the Boxtops competition is coming up soon!  Send them in anytime, we have a special box that is just sitting, waiting to be filled up!  Boxtops are a great fundraiser for our school and we appreciate all the help!